‌ Welcome to Upchat‌

The Idea behind Upchat

To provide support for people grieving.

Losing someone that is very close to you is difficult.

Grief is a very powerful emotion which can cause many different reactions to us.

Lose of weight, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Anxiety, Depression and loss of direction.

And of course the big one we seem to forget


Our Aim

To be able to help people suffering with loneliness.

I suspect most of you like myself find it most difficult

when you come home at the end of the day to an empty house!

The silence is deafening and your mind focuses on your loved one!

Our Strengths

As a group of people having lost loved ones we are stronger.

We have an outlet for all the different emotions

we are likely to feel at different stages of our grief 

Ability to talk to people who are or have been their and understand.

Ideas that have helped others cope.

A place to meet with others on the same journey albeit at a different stage maybe.

The Future of Upchat

My Focus is to provide a community of like minded people

looking for friendship and giving friendship

To assist people coming to terms with their loss.

Providing a safe zone for people to say what they want to say without reflection.

To have a social aspect to our group meet up for a coffee, drink or a meal.

To set up days trips, weekend breaks and even holidays.

To look at courses for cooking for example.

The most important thing is for everyone’s input to make us a team.

A place to get help.

To have fun again.

To Smile and Laugh as our loved ones would have wanted for us!

Macmillans Not Alone Campaign